Request Counselling

Unfortunately, the PF is not able to accept new Requests for counselling at the moment.

Due to the high number of new client registrations in recent weeks, the PF Counselling Service has regrettably decided to stop accepting new counselling requests for the time being.  We expect this to be a short term measure for two or three months, and will make an announcement here as soon as we are able to re-open to new clients again.

You can find details of other agencies and services on the Resources pages of this website.  These pages also give links to online self-help resources and guidance which can be very useful to some clients.

Demand for our service has been high for a number of years now, and our capacity and resources have always been limited.  By managing the flow of new requests for counselling, we ensure that the waiting time which clients have to endure before they start counselling is kept at a reasonable level.  Whilst it is deeply regrettable to have to turn people away, the aim is to improve the service in the longer run.

Our long waiting lists demonstrate the clear need for counselling and psychotherapy within the communities of Edinburgh.  By closing the list, we send a message to all concerned that, as a small local charitable organisation, our ability to respond to this need is not limitless.  The waiting time is also the only consistent negative feedback we receive from clients about our service, and we are responding to this.

We are sorry to have to do this, and will reopen for Requests as soon as possible.  Bookmark this page, or follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, to be sure to get any new announcements.