Waiting List

Waiting List and Waiting Times

Most people will have to wait around 4-8 weeks until their Initial Appointment, and then a further 4 - 12 weeks until they can begin regular counselling.  The wait depends on the availability and flexibility of the client, as well as the availability of a suitable counsellor.

In August, around 25% of our initial assessment appointments were not attended, or were cancelled at the last minute. These wasted appointments mean longer waiting times for everyone. Please remember your appointment, and let us know in good time if you have to withdraw. A missed appointment will mean you will have a further wait.

Other Agencies

There are many other counselling agencies around Edinburgh.  Unfortunately most also have waiting lists, but each has different eligibility criteria and ways of working. You can find links to them on our Useful Links page.

If You Are Waiting

If you have sent us a Counselling Request Form online, you should have received an email telling you we have received it. This includes your unique Client Reference number, which begins with the number 19 (for example 190001).  You can check here at any time to see how close we are to offering you an initial appointment.

We are currently offering initial appointments to Client References around number:  190500.