Touch of Hope

A Touch of Hope

Complementing counselling with aromatherapy

The PF is working with Hope’s Garden to offer “a touch of hope” to PF clients for whom aromatherapy can be an effective treatment to complement their counselling.

We are fundraising to enable free or low cost aromatherapy massage sessions for PF clients who are on low incomes.  The PF has been associated with Hope’s Garden for three years, so we have proved how much it can help.  But in these difficult economic times some people in desperate need simply cannot afford to access the benefits of combining talk and touch.

Angela Russo, who has been a PF and Hope’s Garden client, says,

“I sometimes feel I am invisible to people, and I’m not imagining it, but Hope’s Garden is respecting me and treating me as an individual.  With the sense of smell and touch involved, I have a kind of presence.  It makes me feel I exist.  Sometimes my head is so messed up.  It unblocks some of the barriers I have put up, which I also talk about with my counsellor.  The aromatherapy massage clears my mind and makes me think straighter.  I wouldn’t have anticipated it, but it does. I think everybody should be able to try it, because they won’t know till they do.”

Can you help?

If this idea appeals to you, please make a donation to the Touch of Hope fund.

Please also pass this information on to friends and relatives who you think might want to support this unique combination of therapies.

You Can Donate Online

Donate NowDonations to the Touch of Hope campaign can be made by cash or cheque handed in to the PF office, or online via our VirginMoneyGiving fundraising website.