Resources and Links

As part of counselling in Edinburgh at the PF Counselling Service, we are building a resource of information and self-help material for clients, potential clients, counsellors and all those interested in counselling.

Useful Links

A range of useful websites where you can find help, and information about other sources of help.

Information and support
Other voluntary counselling services
Official counselling bodies
Other counselling agencies
Private practice counselling
Telephone support
Other therapies
For Counsellors

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ‘PF’ stand for?
When can I receive counselling with the PF?
How much does it cost?
How many sessions do you offer?
What is counselling?
Who or what is a counsellor?
Who can come to PF Counselling?
Do I need to be referred?
Do you offer CBT?
Do you offer counselling to couples?
Why have I not heard from you yet?

Self-help Resources

These can be used alongside your counselling, and may also help while you are waiting to start.

CBT Resources
Information Booklets


Online Resources

Online Counselling

Beating the Blues – Online CBT programme

Get Self Help – Many, largely free, online resources.