PF Young People

PF YoungPeople

PFYoungPeople will be part of the PF Counselling Service, but identifiably distinct within it.  It will benefit from the leadership, management experience and ethos of the PF, whilst introducing a number of innovative factors, new to the PF:

  • Providing a service on Saturdays. Opening on a Saturday will allow us to see more clients, and increase the utilisation of our premises significantly, at a marginal cost.
  • Prioritising places for young people. Initially aimed at those aged 18-26, PFYoungPeople will impact positively on the PF waiting list, as well as attracting new young clients.
  • Offering a time-limited service of 10 sessions per client. Recognising that young people often need fewer sessions to achieve meaningful change, and allowing more clients to be seen each year.
  • Paying counsellors for their time and expertise. PFYoungPeople will offer new opportunities for qualified PF counsellors to develop their professional practice.

Project Manager

Enthusiastic creative achiever required to design and deliver an extension of our counselling service in Edinburgh.  PFYoungPeople will be for clients aged 18-26, following the principles and the ethos of the highly successful PF Counselling Service.

Quickly make outline proposals a reality

Co-ordinate administrative and counselling staff

Contribute effective training and communications

Ensure accurate outcome measures and financial reporting

Self-employed contract, likely to average approximately one day a week.  Initial 1-year term, renewable up to 3 years.

Invitation to Tender

The opportunity to tender is currently restricted to those sent a direct invitation.  You can download the Invitation to Tender, and Programme Outline, here:

PF YoungPeopleInvitation to Tender

PF YoungPeopleProgramme Outline