Fast Track

leafbulletPF Fast Track Service

The PF offers a limited Fast Track service, which can enable counselling to start more quickly in certain circumstances.  It is restricted to appointments that do not to impinge on access to our core charitable service, and so is always subject to availability.

The fee for Fast Track counselling is £45 per session, including the initial appointment.  If you would like to apply for counselling under the Fast Track service please complete the Request Form and tick the box at the foot confirming that you are willing to pay the Fast Track fees for the initial and all future sessions. With our Fast Track service, cancellation of all arranged appointments requires full payment of £45 for the session.  Our Fast Track Service is separate to our core donation-based service and it is not possible to have your initial assessment under Fast Track to then move to our core waiting list.

If you request counselling under our Fast Track service, you will be contacted with further details of the spaces we have available. Depending on whether we have any appointment times suitable for you, we will then arrange an initial assessment appointment with one of our Fast Track counsellors. If together it is agreed that counselling would be helpful, you will be offered ongoing weekly appointments starting as soon as possible.

CURRENT STATUS: Sorry, there are currently NO Fast Track spaces available. It is not possible to apply for Fast Track at the moment, but check back here or via our Twitter or Facebook pages for updates.