Currently Closed to Most New Requests

We are Open for PFYA Requests Only

PFYA Service

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  • Are under 26 years of age
  • Can attend remote sessions on a Saturday
  • Can start and attend throughout the summer

Unfortunately, the PF is not able to accept new Requests for general counselling at the moment.

Our waiting list is currently closed to new general requests, and we are no longer asking people to register their interest.  It is likely to be closed until well into the second half of 2020.

Due to huge demand, we will not be able to accept new applications for the foreseeable future.  New enquirers are referred to the Resources pages on our website for information on other agencies and self-help guides.  They are invited to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be sure to get any new announcements.

Regrettable Limited Capacity

The PF Counselling Service deeply regrets that it cannot meet the needs of all those who would like to receive counselling/psychotherapy from the volunteer counsellors who support our service.  We have a maximum capacity to see around 350 weekly clients at any one time.  We offer counselling to around 40 new clients each month, which is both a substantial amount for a voluntary organisation, and our limit.

As a small, independently funded local charity we simply cannot expect to be able to meet the demand for mental health and wellbeing services in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We try to make what contribution we can, but it is limited by our organisational capacity.

Waiting Lists Closed

In recent years we have had to close completely to new clients for lengthy periods, while we worked through existing applications.  We have had lists of those who had applied, lists of those waiting to apply, and an unknown number of people who were not on either list!

We currently have 425 people to whom we hope to be able to offer counselling eventually.  At 40 new clients a month, it is clear that this may take us through most of 2020. It is for this reason that we are saying that we will be closed to new clients for the foreseeable future.  Of course, we will re-open for new applications as soon as progress through this list allows.  When we do, we will announce this on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Registering Interest

The system of registering to be notified when we were open for new client applications proved unworkable and has been discontinued. However, everyone who has already added their name to this register will be offered an initial appointment after submitting a Request form.

Managing Expectations

We hope that this gives a little bit more information about how we work, and will help everyone to understand our situation and manage expectations. We understand how frustrating it is to be on a waiting list, and not even to be able to get on to that list.

We are open for PF Young Adults requests