Every client and enquirer is welcomed by one of the PF’s team of trained and supportive volunteer receptionists.

Receptionists do a very important job in providing the ‘first point of contact’ with our widely diverse range of clients and other contacts.  All volunteer receptionists undergo several sessions of hands-on training, where telephone skills and maintenance of office administrative systems are emphasised. Our staff provide ongoing support and training to all volunteer receptionists.

Our Receptionists are:

Felicity Bach
Dianne Beattie
Elishka Bentley
Lizzie Booden
Lama Bouchema
Katrina Cameron
Suzanne Coston
Linda Crease
Kate Donaghy
Sharon Goodson
Mark Hanson
Mirian Haas
Trena Macaulay
Jane Mackay
Helen Mitchell
Sharayah Nicol
Emma Norman
Phoebe Talbot
Sheila Watson
Mia Zielinska

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