The PF Counsellors

Counselling at the PF is delivered by professionally trained counsellors who donate their time and expertise to support the service.

We have a team of around 90 counsellors who give their time voluntarily, offering 50 minute counselling sessions on a weekly basis. Experienced counsellors carry out the initial assessment sessions before clients are allocated a regular weekly appointment.  All the counsellors are trained and either qualified or in the final stages of their diploma level training and adhere to the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice.

All our counsellors receive ongoing professional supervision provided by the PF.  Counsellors receive both individual and group supervision on a monthly basis with external supervisors, as well as further professional development workshops throughout the year.

Our Counsellors are:

Renata Adwent-Johnston
Fiona Armstrong
Cathy Ayles
Heather Bamford
Susan Beattie
Agne Bieliunaite
Pam Black
Rachel Blake
Joanna Bleau
Lizzie Booden
Lama Bouchema
Anne-Marie Bourquin
Fiona Brien
Chris Brown
Jeanette Campbell
Sally Champion
Nicola Collins
Elizabeth Colwell
Charlie Cornelius
Suzanne Cross
John Dickson
Freda Douglas
Catie Egan
Jenna Fraser
Sarah Fraser
Leanne Gassert
Lorena Georgiadou
Dee Gillespie
Vicky Gillingham
Sarah Goldsworthy
Jenny Gray
Jane Green
Matthew Haggis
Mark Hamlin
Mary Hennessy
Sujarda Herring
Chrys Hibbert
Julia Hutter
Merav Israel
Sam Karpa
Lilian Kelly
Sharon Kelly
Joanna Kemp
Lori Krause
Jane Laidlaw
Gordon Laird
Susan Lanham
Leif Lawson
Mary Leckie
Kate Lockhart
Mary Lye
Elaine Macdonald
Kat Mackay
Lisa Maclachlan
Duncan MacLaren
Rachel Maisey
Debbie Marshall
Elena Masoero
Gemma Matthews
Kelly Mauchlen
Sharon Mc Aree Thomas
Audrey McFarlane
Rachel McFarlane
Deborah McGill
Ursula McKee
Craig Miller
Helen Mitchell
Ali Moir
Alison Munro
Jenny Murray
Wendy Nightingale
Emma Norman
Paulina Nowak
Sofia Nunes
Suzanne O’Riordan
April Parkins
Jane Pickard
Elspeth Quinn
Gill Reid
Christina Robertson
Lynne Rollo
Barry Ross
Veronica Sanudo
Maija Sarkkama
Karen Serra
Rebecca Shannon
Louise Sharp
Lenore Simson
Sharayah Sinek
Rebecca Singlehurst
Susan Smith
Valerie Smith
Hilary Spenceley
Karen Stilman
Meriel Strang Steel
Adria Stubbs
Marie-Thérèse Talensby
Amy Telford
Alison Thow
Shirley Thompson
Jude Thomson
Adrian Tupper
Maureen Verrall
Sarena Wolfaard
Ingrid Woodhead
Lorraine Woolford
Mia Zielinska